China’s Nuclear Strategy and the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula – Tong Zhao, Ph.D.

OCTOBER 23RD, 2018
FROM 3:00 TO 5:00PM

Join the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy and the China Research
Center as they host Tong Zhao for a discussion China’s nuclear strategy and Chinese views
of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. What is the prospect of the denuclearization of
North Korea? How China views North Korea’s nuclear program and will it be possible for
China and the United States to cooperate to achieve the ultimate elimination of North
Korea’s nuclear capabilities? This presentation seeks to shed light on possible outcomes of
the ongoing denuclearization negotiations with North Korea and their security implications
for big power relations in the Asia Pacific. It will also examine China’s nuclear
modernization programs and what are the driving forces behind such efforts.

Dr. Zhao is a fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,
based at the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing. His research focuses on strategic
security issues, including nuclear weapons strategy, arms control, nonproliferation, missile defense,
hypersonic weapons, space security, and other international security issues. He holds a PhD in science,
technology, and international affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and received a B.S. in
physics and an M.A. in international relations from Tsinghua University.

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