Join us for this week's IMPACT Speaker Series session!

Join us for this week’s IMPACT Speaker Series session! A reception with light refreshments will follow in the Thornton Atrium.

Wednesday, March 11
4:30 PM
LeCraw Auditorium

“The Darfur Genocide:
What You Can Do to Help End It”

John Prendergast
Human Rights Activist
Co-chair, ENOUGH Project
John Prendergast is a co-founder of the Enough Project, an initiative to end genocide and crimes against humanity. During the Clinton administration, he was involved in a number of peace processes in Africa while serving as director of African Affairs at the National Security Council and special advisor at the Department of State.

Prendergast has also worked for members of Congress, the United Nations, human rights organizations, and think tanks, as well as having been a youth counselor and basketball coach in the United States.

He has authored eight books on Africa, including Not on Our Watch, a New York Times bestseller and NAACP non-fiction book of the year that he co-wrote with actor Don Cheadle. Prendergast is a visiting professor at the University of San Diego and the American University in Cairo.

Management major Elias Chininis will introduce the speaker.

The Anne-Marie Slaughter lecture on Monday, April 20 was cancelled due to Dr. Slaughter’s recent appointment to the head of the State Department’s Office of Policy Planning.

A new addition to the lineup is Jay Mathews,Washington Post journalist and author of the book on KIPP schools Work Hard. Be Nice. He will be our speaker on Wednesday, April 15.

The IMPACT Speaker Series is sponsored by the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship and is free and open to the public.

This session will be available as an archived streaming video after the presentation. Visit the IMPACT Speaker Series website for access information.

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