Second Annual LAMP Symposium – March 1, 2016

LAMP RegistrationThe 2016 Leadership and Multifaith Program (LAMP) symposium will explore issues of food and farming from religious, scientific, historical, and public policy perspectives. LAMP seeks to provide a forum for students, scholars, and community members in Atlanta to consider the current practices and ethical challenges of food production and consumption, from small-scale local agriculture to the global food supply. In keeping with the LAMP vision to promote multifaith understanding in a religiously plural society, speakers will address the unifying concerns for food justice and sustainability and the distinct practices of food preparation and eating that have sustained historical and contemporary religious communities. Through attention to the health of the body, soul, and natural environment, this second annual LAMP symposium aims to work across religious and academic boundaries to promote strong communities, a vibrant nation, and a peaceful and prosperous world.

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Volunteers and student workers are needed 10:30-5:30 on March 1 to work registration tables; direct guests to the auditorium, restrooms, and food areas; assist with photography and recording, etc. Please add your name and check the hours of your availability during the symposium.”

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