A Day at Stone Mountain Park: International Students, Friends & Families!

International Students, Friends and Families, let’s spend a day at Stone Mountain Park! We will go to the top of Stone Mountain and enjoy the park’s regular attractions and its holiday shows and entertainment. Although the intent is to provide a fun opportunity to those international students who don’t have families to visit for Thanksgiving break, others can certainly join us.  At this time of year Stone Mountain Park is definitely an American cultural experience, as there are numerous shows, holiday decor, and even parades in addition to the regular Stone Mountain attractions and the views from the top of the mountain itself.
Date: Saturday, November 26, 2016
Time: Meet in Parking Lot near The Great Barn 10 to 10:15 am. Stay as long as you like. Park closes at 10 pm.
Included: Stone Mountain Adventure Pass (One Day)
Attractions: Summit Skyride, Scenic Railroad, 4-D Theater, The Great Barn, Great Locomotive Chase, Adventure Golf, Historic Square, and Discovering Stone Mountain Museum.
See the Live Seasonal Entertainment included:
Cost: $20/person with advance reservation
Not Included: Transportation to/from Stone Mountain Park, Parking, Meals
Organizer: Wendi Taylor, 404-374-3224, GlobalYouthFoodProject@gmail.com
Tickets at this rate are limited to group blocks gotten in advance, but can be used on alternative days and are transferable.
Contact Wendi ASAP to reserve your tickets, and let her know if you’d like her to put you in touch with others to carpool.

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