Alternative Service Breaks Executive Board Applications

Alternative Service Breaks is recruiting for our 2023-2024 Executive Board, and applications are closing soon!

If you haven’t heard of us, ASB is a student org on campus that sends students out of the state and out of the country during school breaks (e.g. Spring Break, Winter Break) to explore new places and participate in asset-based community service. Most recently, we sent a groups of students to help build houses in the Dominican Republic and to help with environmental cleanup in New Orleans over Spring Break!

The new Alternative Service Breaks Executive Board will consist of eight positions. Each position and a brief description of its responsibilities are listed below. If you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of any position on ASB Exec, please reach out to our current President, Neha Rajan, at Joining our Executive Board is a great leadership opportunity, as you will get experience in organizing and coordinating upcoming trips and participants. No prior experience in leadership OR with Alternative Service Breaks is required, and as a board member you are not expected to attend the trips (though you are always welcome to).

Find our applications on Engage or by following this link: click here.

Applications close on Friday, April 7th!

Position Details:

  1. President: The President will be the executive officer of the executive board. The President will be the point of contact with the ASB Advisor, will oversee weekly executive board meetings, and will assure that the duties of all Exec members are aligned with ASB’s mission and purpose. The President will also assist the ASB Advisor in overseeing Trip Advisor recruitment.
  2. Recruitment Director: The Recruitment Director will be responsible for recruiting trip leaders and participants for ASB trips, via speaking at organization meetings, sending out emails, etc. The Recruitment Director will also organize the application and selection process for trip leaders and participants for all trips.
  3. Finance Director: The Finance Director will be the junior executive officer. The Finance Director will be responsible for maintaining record of all revenue and expenditures and ensure that generally accepted accounting practices and monetary controls are in place. The Finance Director will also collect trip payments, manage the endowment fund, apply to grants, and collect alumni donations.
  4. Trip Directors: The two Trip Directors will be responsible for working with community partners to select and organize housing and service projects for ASB trips. The Trip Directors will also be responsible for the logistics of trips before and after (i.e. purchasing trip supplies, organizing trip paperwork, etc.).
  5. Development Director: The Development Director will be responsible for developing and managing a leadership training schedule for ASB Trip Leaders and advisors. The Development Director will also be responsible for purchasing materials needed for reflections/icebreakers for the trips.
  6.  Marketing Director: The Marketing Director will be responsible for creating marketing material and promoting ASB trips across the Georgia Tech campus, via social media, tabling, putting up flyers, etc. They will also be responsible for designing and ordering the ASB trip t-shirts and other merchandise.
  7. Engagement Director: The Engagement Director will be responsible for fostering a sense of ASB community outside of trip experiences. The Engagement Director will establish and maintain external programming to sustain members’ relationship with ASB including group fundraising and local volunteering opportunities.

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