Apply to Join SGA’s Community Relations Committee

The SGA Community Relations Committee is seeking new members to join their fast-moving productive committee dedicated to interacting with the local community of Atlanta.

Past and Current Projects:

1. Hawks Nights: We provide Georgia Tech students with subsidized tickets to Atlanta Hawks games to encourage students to explore Atlanta and engage with the city.
2. Arts Fair: We invite artists at Georgia Tech to host booths and sell their art. This is one of the few events which allows artists to easily mass-market themselves and share their work with other students.
3. Fridge Network: We have arranged (from start to finish) a working network of fridges across Midtown that provide free, fresh food to food-insecure households. We are expanding our network of fridges currently.

New Projects:

1. Pockets of Peace: We hope to establish corners of campus that have arrangements for students to destress, relax, and host community engagement events among their peers.
2. Free mentoring and tutoring in partnership with GT Common Good. We are working with Common Good to support their mentorship and tutoring program. This is intended to help students in Atlanta Public Schools and encourage their interest in Georgia Tech.
3. Medicare/Medicaid acceptance at Stamps Health Center: We would like for Stamps Health Center to accept patients who participate in Medicare and Medicaid. We are currently in talks with the Directors of Community Relations at Georgia Tech to implement this change.

To apply, click here.

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