Effective Altruism Summer Programs

Consider applying for one of Effective Altruism’s (EA) summer seminar programs! All programs start on June 1st, and applications are due on April 24th by 11:59 pm. If you’re interested in applying, fill out the interest form, which has links to the applications.

Introductory Seminar

  • An 8-week program involving weekly readings and discussion groups
  • Learn a framework for career planning to optimize your time, resources, and social impact.
  • Network with other EA fellows and professionals worldwide from other top universities
  • Topics include:
    • Measuring and estimating the impact
    • Global health and poverty
    • Intensive animal farming
    • “Longterm-ism” & future generations’ wellbeing
    • Global catastrophic risks

AI Safety Fundamentals

  • The 9-week program focused on aligning advanced AI to follow human values
  • Learn about new research by OpenAI and DeepMind
  • Topics include:
    • Deep reinforcement learning
    • Cooperative inverse reinforcement learning
    • Interpretable/transparent AI

“The Precipice” Reading Group

  • The 8-week program focused on The Precipice by Toby Ord
  • Learn about the science behind existential threats to future generations, such as climate change, nuclear risk, bioengineered pandemics, and unaligned AI

To apply, click here.

To learn more about EA, click here.

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