Forming a Pre-Law Student Organization – Potential Leaders Needed!

Georgia Tech has historically been home to an award-winning pre-law student organization, and I’ve spoken with a number of you about the possibility of re-chartering some type of pre-law student organization to increase student opportunities for involvement around various pre-law efforts here at Georgia Tech.  In those conversations, there’s been a good bit of excitement around doing so!

If you have an interest in helping re-charter such an organization that would serve as a professional student organization to host guest speakers, plan professional programs, and provide a way for you to connect with fellow pre-law students, please send Prof. Slieper an e-mail at with “Pre-Law Student Organization” in the subject line.  We hope to hold a planning meeting later in the fall for interested students.  Underclassmen, this is a perfect way to possibly get involved with a leadership role that would help you make connections in the legal field and prepare for law school in a meaningful way.

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