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Global Atlanta is a media company in Atlanta that focuses on international business and trade in the Atlanta area. Global Atlanta can offer many great networking and educational advantages to students. Here are a few ways that students can benefit:

  • Large and deeply connected network with industry leaders, government officials, and consular offices in Atlanta
  • Calendar of monthly events in the area with companies, consulates, and international organizations
  • Newsletters on topics of interest. Subscribers can sign up for the free weekly newsletter, as well as for monthly newsletters targeted by topic, region and country of interest
  • News articles on cross-border business, education, culture, trade, and diplomacy
  • Public contact information on website listing foreign government offices and international organizations which students can contact for networking
  • Listing of globally focused employment and internship opportunities in the area

Global Atlanta provides students with the opportunity to take what they are learning in the classroom from theory to practice. Students have access to news and information that is relevant to their coursework, and by paying attention to the editorial coverage, events updates and jobs postings, student will find opportunities to interact personally with professionals engaged in global issues.


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