Ivan Allen Major Cup Karaoke

Part 2 of the Ivan Allen Major Cup takes place this Wednesday, March 7th, from 7:30 to 9:30. Karaoke will take place at Under the Couch, and all are welcome. Students can come for any time during those two hours and sing, listen to others sing, or even show off a talent they may have. This is your chance to win glory for your major! Bowling took place last week, leaving Public Policy in first, International Affairs in second, and LMC in third. If you would like on of these majors to win the honor of the cup, or make sure your own major is in the running, make sure to come this Wednesday. This event is completely free and we hope to provide pizza. Here is the sign-up link: http://sab.iac.gatech.edu/content/major-cup.

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