About Partnership for Public Service Fellows

Priya Verma (Senior, INTA), far right, and other Public Service Fellows program at the Partnership for Public Service

The Public Service Fellows Program at the Partnership for Public Service is an opportunity for undergraduate students, graduate students and recent graduates to participate directly in transforming the way government works while developing valuable professional skills. Fellows’ duties vary across the Partnership’s internal teams , but often include event planning and execution, conducting research, writing and preparing correspondence, and conducting outreach to external partners, such as government agencies and colleges and universities.

At the Partnership, Priya Verma is a fellow for the Education and Outreach team, which focuses on both helping agencies hire mission critical talent and providing resources to colleges/universities to help students learn about career opportunities in the federal government. Specifically, she works with the Education and Outreach’s Federal Student Ambassadors program. She is helping lead the selection process of 2013-14 student ambassadors, accumulating data to assist with creating the final reports of the program for the past school year, and assisting with the maintenance of the alumni network of the Federal Student Ambassadors program. The portfolio she was provided has been ideal toward making this fellowship one that suits her passions of education and public service. She says:

“I love the work that I do, and I feel that I am given the opportunity to really contribute toward the Education and Outreach team’s programs. At the Partnership I have been given leadership roles that I have not been used to. For example, with working on the 2013-14 ambassadors selection process, I was able to lead part of the selection process training for Partnership staff members. The opportunities to contribute toward the organization’s work has been really exciting and I have experienced great professional development so far.”

Priya encourages interested students to utilize campus resources and networking. She says:

“…applicants should really look into INTA’s career related resources during their internship processes. I would not have found this opportunity without INTA Weekly Digest email…I really appreciated (being) connected with (a Nunn School alumna and former fellow), and I was able to learn more about her experience as a fellow and about the Partnership itself firsthand. Also, I would recommend this opportunity for anyone interested in public service (for those who are in college and also for those who have just graduated/are in grad school). The fellows range concerning educational backgrounds, and as an individual entering my senior year of undergrad, I have learned a lot from my peers that have already graduated. As a rising senior, I have been able to learn a lot about grad school options and potential career paths.”

True to the Partnership’s emphasis on people, the fellows program incorporates opportunities for professional and personal growth through workshops and trainings specifically geared toward students and young professionals. We also strive to ensure a quality experience in terms of work and personal relationships throughout the fellowship term. Fellows with an undergraduate or graduate degree receive a $1,000 per month stipend, and Fellows who are currently undergraduate students receive $800 per month.

Priya recommends this fellowship to anyone that is interested in applying, and is happy to answer any questions.  The application for the Fall 2014 term closes on July 19th . Mark your calendars and apply ! Good luck.

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