2014 Southeast Model African Union Conference at Clayton State

Clayton State University is hosting the 2014 Southeast Model African Union Conference. This annual conference will bring together about 200-250 students from the University System of Georgia (USG) institutions, as well as students from non USG colleges and universities in Georgia. Each institution will select an African country or countries they wish to represent, and participants will be assigned topics that each committee will discuss. Important committees include: The Committee on Economic Matters, The Committee on social Matters, The Committee on Peace and Security, The Committee on Governance, and human rights. This event will take place from November 6-8, 2014.

Below is some information relating to the conference for your review, including institutions that have already selected a country or countries.

SEMAU Officers Application Form

SEMAU Country Selection List

Model African Union Agenda 2014

Registration Form

Participants will draft, discuss, and vote on resolutions that address major problems in the continent of Africa. This simulation will augment student’s understanding of the capabilities and limitations governments in Africa face in dealing with foreign and domestic political, social, and economic matters

Benefits to students

[*]      Each student will be awarded a certificate of participation (which will be helpful in their resume and also for graduate school admission).

[*]      It will give students the opportunity to debate issues with peers from other institutions and make new friends

[*]      For students interested in working in foreign services -Peace Corps, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), or international NGOs, this will be an invaluable opportunity.

[*]      The conference will assist students in learn and practice diplomacy by representing their selected country

[*]      Students will also be equipped with knowledge of parliamentary procedures.

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