GT Intensive Russian Summer Program 2010


Georgia Tech
Intensive Summer Russian
in Moscow (Spring Track)

This new program in Russian at Georgia Tech, allows students who have not yet enrolled in Russian in fall to take RUSS 1001 in spring and travel with us to Moscow for an intensive summer program.

The program in Moscow lasts nine weeks long and covers semesters 2-4 of Russian.  Students live in homestays with Russian families, and take courses 16 hours per week of language at the Academy of the National Economy, our partners for our established LBAT program.

The small classes abroad ( max. 10 students) use the same textbooks as our elementary-intermediate groups on campus at Tech.  Students completing the program can seemlessly enroll in RUSS 3001 in the fall.

This means that a freshman who did not start Russian right away, but wishes to participate in the International Plan, would still have time to complete another study abroad or an internship junior year.

A website for the program (under construction but functional) is available at

The RUSS 1001 section meets for four hours weekly at 2:05 MWF and 3:05 M during spring semester.  Please keep in mind that this section is intended primarily for students wishing to go with us on the summer program in Moscow.  No RUSS 1002 will be offered on campus in the fall. A secondary option is to take RUSS 1001 in spring and online RUSS 1002 in summer.  However, the strongly preferential option, not least in terms of the results achieved, is for students to combine the on-campus course and summer program.

For more information, contact Dr. Stuart Goldberg at

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