Asian Development Bank (ADB) Young Professionals Program


ADB’s Young Professionals Program (YPP) recruits highly qualified and motivated individuals to ADB. YPP provides the foundation for a challenging and rewarding professional career in an international development environment. YPP offers a range of opportunities to develop professional skills and understanding of ADB’s operations, policies and procedures.

The fundamental objective of the program is to recruit a limited number of entry level professionals with relatively less experience, but with the potential to grow into full fledged staff contributing to ADB’s Strategy 2020.

Program offerings

Young professionals (YPs) are offered a 3-year fixed-term appointment in ADB headquarters. YPs will be initially joining one of ADB’s operational departments and then assigned to another department/office as a rotational assignment for 12 months. During this period, YPs are expected to demonstrate competencies required for the positions. The work assignments enable them to further develop their expertise and broaden their perspective through exposure to various aspects of ADB work. YPs may participate in missions for activities in fact finding and appraisal, project review and completion, country programming, sector and policy studies, or disbursement.

YPs will set up a developmental plan under the guidance of their supervisors and human resources teams. In this plan, they identify learning programs offered in ADB to enable them to improve their technical skills and acquaint them with ADB policies and procedures.


Please read the requirements listed below before proceeding to the application process:

  • AGE: not more than 33 years old upon joining ADB;
  • EDUCATION: a university degree preferably at postgraduate level or its equivalent;
  • EXPERIENCE: at least 3 years of relevant international experience in economics, finance, transport management, urban and regional planning, environment, public management, energy, health, educaton, safeguards, and private sector;
  • NATIONALITY: a national of one of ADB’s members;
  • LANGUAGE: excellent oral and written communication skills in English; and
  • DIVERSITY: able to work with others of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.


Recruitment for the 2015 ADB Young Professionals (YP) Program will commence in January 2015 through March 2015. Please note that in order to apply for YP positions, applicants must set up an online account at the ADB Recruitment Center (ARC).

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