AEI Summer Institute for Undergrads

The American Enterprise Summer Institute brings together 25 select college undergraduates for an opportunity unlike any other: a month long, fully-funded experience debating ideas about liberty and free enterprise and learning the principles and methods of public policy analysis.

What you’ll learn:

  •  Economics. Understand the way markets work and the application of market analysis to policymaking.
  •  Foreign/Defense Policy. Explore the principles of American strategic culture and democratic statecraft.
  •  American Politics. Find out what great acts of leadership can tell us about the nature of statesmanship in a democracy.
  •  Policy In-Depth. Dig into entitlement reform, energy policy, campaigns and elections, and much more.

The American Enterprise Summer Institute is looking for college undergraduates who are passionate about public affairs, and want to spend the summer diving headfirst into public policy.

Our fully funded four-week program will help students develop the core analytical skills required for rigorous public policy analysis while introducing them to some of the nation’s top free-enterprise leaders.

Up to 25 highly qualified applicants will be accepted.

The application deadline is
Saturday, March 31, 2012.

APPLY: Visit our website

Questions? Contact

American Enterprise Institute | 1150 Seventeenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036 |

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