Apply for the GT Presidents’ Council Governing Board by Sept. 20th


Do you want to be a leader among leaders? Do you want to be on the prestigious student board that is the central hub in the network of student organizations and presidents, serving to connect and engage them in meaningful, productive ways?

Presidents’ Council Governing Board empowers this network by facilitating communication and collaboration, and providing unique opportunities for guidance, development, visionary activity, and recognition!

If you believe in our student leaders, and the vast potential of student organizations at Georgia Tech to be the most dynamic, engaged and impactful in the nation, then apply to join Presidents’ Council Governing Board. For more information, and to find out how you can contribute, please see the application: PCGB 15-16 application. The application is open to everyone who has completed one year at Georgia Tech. Deadline to submit your application is September 20th, by 5pm.

Please email Rachel Conlee at with any questions.

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