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PPIA is now accepting applications for the 2013 Junior Summer Institutes. This is an excellent resume builder!

The PPIA Junior Summer Institutes (JSI) have been the hallmark of the PPIA Fellowship Program for over 30 years. JSI is an intensive seven-week summer program that focuses on preparing students for graduate programs in public and international affairs and careers as policy professionals, public administrators and other leadership roles in public service. The JSI curriculum includes economics, statistics, domestic/international policy issues and leadership topics, all designed to sharpen the students’ quantitative, analytic and communication skills. Extracurricular activities are also included. These skills are vital for admission into the top graduate programs in public and international affairs.

Ayanda Francis, a Senior EIA major, was selected to participate this past summer at the JSI at Princeton University.  She shares her insight about the program below:

“PPIA is an amazing experience! It is very difficult, and will require a lot of time and energy, but the outcome is definitely worth it in the end. I did the Princeton program (the best one, in my opinion), and was taught by and met very accomplished people. You get a very critical look at the field that you are hoping to pursue (in my case, IR) by listening to the stories and advice of those who have done so before you (in my case, our teacher and former Ambassador James Gadsden, Anne Marie Slaughter, and many others), as well as through the hands-on experience of simulating a policy briefing and presentation. My math skills also improved (the Advanced Stats/Econometrics and Advanced Econ were very calculus based), and so did my memo-writing skills.

I also gained a unique and dedicated group of friends who will ALL do amazing things in the future. As for career goals, PPIA is interesting in that many of us went into the program thinking we knew exactly what we wanted, but left being very unsure. It isn’t a bad thing– the program just exposed us to so many different opportunities and paths that it opened our eyes to the many options available to us. Also, the program will give you amazing contacts that you certainly will not get anywhere else. I highly recommend it!”

Ayanda is happy to share more about her experience and help anyone interested in applying.  Contact her directly with specific questions.

The Public Policy & International Affairs Fellowship Program is sponsored by APSIA, the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs and hosts of the Junior Summer Institutes and Graduate School Consortium.  Learn more at:

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