Do You Dare to Care? Increase your IMPACT – enter the Ideas to SERVE (I2S) Competition

GT Students: Do you have an idea for a product or service that addresses a Social or Environmental issue?

Do You Dare to Care? Increase your IMPACT – enter the Ideas to SERVE (I2S) Competition

The I2S Competition is designed for GT students with a very early stage product/service idea or venture concept that is focused on creating a better world (or at least a triple bottom line). All great ventures and organizations begin with g…reat ideas. The I2S is a competition of ideas where creativity, imagination, and technology are applied to: 1) solving community and social issues (for example reducing the effects of poverty, alleviating hunger, promoting physical and psychological health and wellness, etc.); and/or 2) sustaining our environment (for example improving water management, improving air and water quality, reducing of the depletion rate of natural resources, developing alternate sources of energy, etc). Unlike with a traditional Business Plan Competition, in the I2S contestants do NOT have develop a full blown business plan, instead they are required to submit an Executive Summary and a minute-long video pitch of their idea(s). Also I2S ideas do not necessary have to be technology-focused. Any idea with a social or environmentally sustaining impact may have merit. More specifics regarding the I2S competition are at By entering the I2S, participants will have the opportunity to meet local social entrepreneurs, socially minded business leaders, and venture capitalists/investors while vying for cash and other prizes. The I2S competition (just like InVenture and the BPC) also has great resume value.

Deadlines: February 21 – Intent to Compete, February 28 – Executive Summary and Video Pitch.

Competition dates: March 10 –Preliminary Poster Competition, March 16 – Finals: Student Who IMPACT. Prizes: $ 6,000 in cash prizes.


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