FASET Leader Information Sessions


Are you planning on being in Atlanta this summer? Would you like to enhance your summer by making new friends, gaining valuable leadership experience, and serving as a guide for incoming students? If so, then APPLY TO BE A FASET LEADER! Being a part of the FASET Orientation Program is the perfect addition to any student’s summer. You could be one of about 85-95 amazing students who have a strong passion for Georgia Tech, and who want to share that passion with incoming students. Not to mention, you will also get to work with other current students and it is a great way to get to know faculty and staff (who can then recommend you for awards, or serve as a reference for you, or write your recommendations)

If you would like more information attend a FASET Leader Information Session

  • Tuesday, January 27 @ 11am–Student Center Theater
  • Thursday, February 5 @ 11am–Student Center, Room 319
  • Monday, February 9 @ 6pm–Student Center, Room 320

And Join the FASET Leader Interest Facebook Group to receive updates during the process.

For more information, visit http://nssp.gatech.edu/content/766/become-a-leader

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