Feb. 20 – GT Campus Life Scholarship Application Due

trolley-banner-1140x315The Campus Life and Community at Tech Scholarship seeks to recognize and reward students that have positively impacted the Institute community through their leadership, scholarship, and service.  The presence of vibrant academic and social communities are essential for quality student life.  Consistent with the mission and vision of the Student Center, healthy communities are characterized by cooperation, commitment, diverse perspectives, meaningful connections, mutual respect, belonging, and loyalty.  Recipients of this scholarship will successfully demonstrate a purposeful and significant commitment to building campus community and enhancing student life through their role in a new or enhanced program, activity, or initiative.

Campus Services will be awarding 5 scholarships:
each for $6,000.00

Primary Selection Criteria
The applicant’s role in and impact of a new or enhanced program, service, activity, or other initiative that significantly contributed to student life and enhanced community on campus.
Selection Criteria
  1. Scope and impact of program, service, activity, or initiative
  2. Applicant’s role in the program, service, activity, or initiative
  3. Sustainability of program, service, activity, or initiative
  4. Impact  of community building in the program, service, activity, or initiative
Additional application elements
  1. ​Short answer responses
  2. Video or presentation (eg. Prezi, Powerpoint) uploaded to YouTube that describes your community enhancing program, activity, or initiative. You will want to creatively convey your impact and the intersection of leadership, scholarship, service, and campus community at Tech. Videos should not exceed 2 minutes and presentations should not exceed 10 slides.
  3. Two on-campus references that can speak to the applicant’s character, leadership, commitment to campus community building, and his/her role in the relevant program, service, activity or initiative. Both must be from faculty, staff, or administrator.

For more information, and to apply, click here.

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