Graham Sweeney: I am Liberal Arts Award Winner

Graham Sweeney was announced as winner of the IAC’s “I am Liberal Arts” Award, and though he was surprised, he was very pleased and excited to be given the honor of the award.

Graham is heavily involved around campus and hold positions in several campus groups.  He has worked with Drama Tech as their Historian, Open House Chair, and Banquet Chair and is heading the Variety Team.  He is a member of both the GT Model UN Conference and Team, which was an interest to him before coming to Tech.  In addition to this, Graham plays an active part in the Honors Program here and has been a Team Leader for GT 1000 for 2 years and plans to be a TL in Fall 2012.  He also interned at CISTP under the guidance of Dr. Kosal, researching  nanotechnology and international security.  In Spring 2011, he spent the semester studying abroad in England as part of his International Plan studies, and he has given talks to various student groups on campus to promote the International Plan.

One of the reasons Graham decided to come to Georgia Tech is because of the Institute’s ability to bridge the gap between social sciences and the “hard” sciences.  Tech gave him the opportunity to do an international affairs research project on nanotechnology.  Graham promotes international affairs, modern languages, and other liberal arts course to his colleagues in his organizations in order to help them broaden their minds.  His ultimate goal is to become as interdisciplinary as possible, and to encourage those around him to do the same.

Graham would like to thank everyone he has met through Drama Tech, GTMUN, and the Honors Program for allowing him the opportunities and experiences that he has had.

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