International Education Week: BARNGA

As part of International Education Week 2010, OIE will be running BARNGA again. BARNGA is an interactive intercultural simulation. This activity will involve participants in experiencing or observing intercultural difference, followed by a discussion of what went on. This is a great opportunity to join an activity designed to highlight important aspects of intercultural communication. It is scheduled for Thursday, November 18 from 11:00a – 12:30p and will be held in the Student Center Ballroom. The activity will be led by Jennifer Evanuik, Stephanie Bullard, Alynne Prather, and Emily Touart, all from OIE.

If you have participated in BARNGA before, you can not play again, but you are more than welcome to attend, observe, and join in on the discussion!

If you plan to participate, please send an email to Feel free to invite any students, staff, or faculty who you may think would be interested.

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