Join SAA, the Student Alumni Association.

SAA’s mission is to enhance the experience of each and every Tech student by providing opportunities that broaden the college experience, strengthen traditions, build lifelong loyalty to Georgia Tech, and prepare every student for success after college. We achieve this by leveraging our greatest asset, Tech’s alumni, and facilitating continuous interaction and sharing between alumni and students. Underlying all that we do is a belief in the importance of fostering lifelong participation and philanthropic support while maintaining Georgia Tech spirit and traditions.
As an Ivan Allen student, you can see the same benefits from such an investment and potential networking opportunity that any of your other Tech peers would. This year especially, SAA is going to do its best to reach out to the incredible wealth of Ivan Allen alumni in order to find Mentor Jacket matches who can truly be relevant and helpful for you, your interests, and your future. And the more representation in SAA from the Liberal Arts school, the more they can do for us.

It’s $10. If nothing else, it’ll get you some great coupons, free swag, free dinners, and you will be supporting our school. But I think we can hope for more this year and in years to come. Show Georgia Tech and our alumni that you are excited about the same resources and aids that other majors receive. I didn’t join SAA until my fourth year here, but I am now a big believer its work and service, and I’m hoping that you will be, too!

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