Leadership Conference for the Federal Asian Pacific American Council

How often do you see a vibrant and energetic organization of professionals make a concerted effort to reach out to YOU because of a strong belief in your future and in what you have to offer? As you look back on the past, how frequently have you personally experienced unique and priceless chances to make a difference in the lives of those around you while paving the way for an even brighter future for yourself! Well, that time has now come … it is right here, right now!

• One day FREE admission for students to attend not only the highly-anticipated career fair but also a number of informative workshops and meet some energetic mentors at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta at Buckhead on May 2.

• A special opportunity to hear and meet with a panel of representatives from agencies and all military branches from across the Federal Government who are eager to talk with you about joining them either as future interns or employees (and yes, they are specifically reaching out to members of the Asian/Pacific Islander community!).

• The ability to put your own career path on the fast track as you gain insight from seasoned and accomplished professionals whose life lessons can help you leverage your time by learning from the experiences of those who have come before you, thus helping to prevent you from wasting invaluable time in this fast-paced world.

• The awesome opportunity to make new friends and to create new memories that will last a lifetime!

Our goal is to help the next generation of leaders by being of support to you! We want you to be part of our expected pipeline of new talent to be recruited into the Federal Government whose jobs are more stable and secure than almost anywhere else! In this economy, you owe it to yourself to see about all the benefits and advantages to joining us!
To register for the Youth Career Day, please visit www.fapac.org/conference.

Please forward this letter to your friends and fellow students, and have them forward it to others. Help us spread the word. Also visit our website at http://www.fapac.org to learn more about how you can get involved!

FAPAC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization representing the interests of over 153,000 Asian Pacific American (APA) employees and managers in the federal and the District of Columbia governments. FAPAC’s mission is to promote equal employment opportunity (EEO) and cultural diversity within the Federal and District of Columbia governments through education and recognition of outstanding performance.

If you have any questions please contact Kin Wong at 202.366.0626 or Ms Grace Spence, Conference Chair, at 202.422.6913.

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