Open Forum with President Peterson: Commencement

This Tuesday (10/2) at 7:30 PM, President Peterson will be joining SGA
for UHR’s Open Forum in the Student Services (Flag) Building, Room 117
(Auditorium) — he will be specifically providing the background and
Institute approach to new graduation ticketing policies / summer
commencement rethinking.

All the details can be found here:
Essentially, the current policy states that there will not be a summer
commencement ceremony moving forward and there will be 6 tickets
apportioned to each student this Fall and 3 this Spring with the
possibility of more being available by lottery/assignment (dependent on
RSVPs, etc.).

Please invite your friends and bring yourselves ready to
listen, solicit feedback, ask questions, and voice concerns tactfully to
President Peterson and other administrators.

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