Relaunch of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network GT Chapter

The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, the nation’s largest student-run public policy think-tank will be re-launching the Georgia Tech chapter this fall. Endowed by the Franklin & EleanorRoosevelt Foundation, the campus network has grown to include 8,000+ students in more than 80chapters in the United States and Great Britain.

This past year, the Campus network launched several projects, including Think 2040, The Blueprint for Millennial America, and was invited by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation to participatein Fiscal Summit 2011, co-hosted by President Clinton, These projects were covered by several prominent press groups including: The Atlantic, WSJ, CBS NightlyNews, Fox Business News, and media aggregation sites like The Huffington Post.

Many more projects are planned for the upcoming year and I invite all academically capable andinterested students to participate. Help re-launch the Georgia Tech chapter and contribute to thegrowing Millennial voice in our national dialogue. Open to all disciplines, especially welcomed, areindividuals with interdisciplinary backgrounds.

If you are interested in joining this organization or trying your hand at a leadership position,please contact: Chris Esposo, this summer. Planning for the fall kick-off will beginin July and leadership positions will be chosen. Look forward to hearing from all prospective Roosevelters!

For More Information about the Roosevelt Institute, please see:

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