Seeking IAC Team Leaders for Fall GT 1000!

Dr. Alasdair Young will be teaching GT1000 this fall for Nunn School students!

We are looking for some dedicated Team Leaders to serve with this class. See below for more information on the TL position. Applications are closed, but contact Stephanie Jackson directly at if you are available and interested in being a TL for our course this fall.

The INTA/IAML/EIA section will be held on Wednesday at 11:05-11:55am.

Team Leaders (

Team Leaders are upper-class students selected to serve as a bridge between instructors and freshmen as well as between individual courses and the wider Georgia Tech community.* These students volunteer their time to share their wealth of Tech experiences and insights. As mentors, TLs can facilitate students transition. Encourage students to interact with TLs during and outside of class. They are, perhaps, the most important resource available in GT1000!

*Please note, however, that TLs are not substitute instructors. There should always be a faculty/staff instructor for every class meeting.

Qualifications for Team Leaders

  • Completed at least one semester at Georgia Tech
  • Earned at least a 2.3 CUMULATIVE GPA at Georgia Tech
  • Are in Good Academic Standing AND Good Judicial Standing
  • Willing to commit to spending at least two hours per week (one hour attending the class and one hour meeting with the instructor outside of class)
  • Attend a training session to be held in August.

About the Team Leaders

Almost every GT1000 class is supported by a group of Team Leaders, upper-class students who serve as a bridge between the instructor and freshmen, as well as between your individual course and the wider Georgia Tech community. They will both assist instructors who facilitate the management of the course, and as mentors who facilitate the new students transition into life as a member of the Georgia Tech community. These volunteers have a variety of duties, including:

  • assisting in planning and teaching the course*
  • mentoring Freshmen
  • arranging for guest speakers
  • developing and coordinating interactive exercises
  • proving updates about programs and involvement opportunities
  • scheduling appropriate social opportunities for students to connect outside of class (must be approved by instructor and GT1000 administrative staff).
  • participating in assessing student performance.

Most importantly, Team Leaders give up their time to help you. They are important resources, and as successful students and leaders on campus, they can offer a wealth of Tech experiences and insights. Make use of your TLs!

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