Student NATO Survey

What is NATO’s role in the post-Cold War world? The Yale chapter of the Roosevelt Campus Network, in conjunction with NATO, is surveying college campuses to see what young Americans think of NATO. We want YOU to get involved! And the most involved groups will get to send a representative to NATO headquarters in Brussels.

We are looking for campus networks, classes, teams, and political organizations to disseminate our poll amongst their members. We are seeking groups of all political stripes, and from colleges around the nation.
The groups with the highest participation rates will get to send a representative on a free trip to NATO headquarters in Brussels, and a chance to interact with NATO officials on their campus or via video teleconference. They will also have the opportunity to coauthor
the published poll along with the Yale Roosevelt Campus Network: Security and Foreign Policy Center.

The poll will be an online survey, with questions about NATO’s role today and its relevance in the future. The only commitment a participant needs to make is to fill out the survey.
If you are interested, or have any questions, email us! Daniel Pitcairn ( and Anna Moore ( are the co-heads of the Yale Roosevelt Security and Foreign Policy Center, which is administering the poll. They can give you more information.

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