W Grades and Your Transcript

W Grades and Your Transcript  – ever considered dropping a class? Wondered what that would mean for your academic progress or future employment or graduate school applications? Read on…

What is Withdrawal?
Dropping an individual course from your schedule results in a “W” grade and indicates your official withdrawal from a course.  No credit will be received for the course, and the grade of W will not be computed in the Georgia Tech GPA. Dropped courses ARE included in total attempted hours for HOPE and Zell Miller, however.

Do not take W grades lightly!

In addition to financial penalties, dropping courses may change your enrollment status.  If you are required to be full-time or have a certain number of hours for housing, external insurance coverage, scholarships, etc., dropping a course could affect your eligibility for such programs.

Employers and graduate schools may not mind one W grade, but multiple W grades would not be looked upon favorably.  You may struggle with a particular subject, or find a given course does not serve your needs, so the option exists to withdraw.  However, subsequent semesters should demonstrate academic improvement as proof that withdrawing was the best choice at that time.

If you aren’t sure what the best option could  be always seek the advice of your advisor!

Read this blog post from the Registrar’s office for additional considerations.

How to Withdraw or Drop a Class.

After Phase II Registration ends, through Drop Day, you have the ability to withdraw or drop a class. The Registrar’s Website has instructions on how to drop or withdraw from a class, before Drop Day.  See: http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/students/withdrawal.php#drop.

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