Women's Resource Center

Did you know?
National statistics indicate that women are most likely to be sexually assaulted withing the first six weeks of college.

The Women’s Resource Center works to reduce this issue by talking early with women and men about sexual consent.

WRC offers many resources to the women of campus, including:
-A crisis intervention service for students who have been victims of sexual assault, other violence, harassment, or discrimination.
-Women’s Leadership Conference November 2-3
– 4 hour Ally Training on helping friends who experience sexual violence

Collen Riggle
Assistant Dean of Students/Director, WRC Victim Advocate
404-385-1563, colleen.riggle@vpss.gatech.edu

Melanie DeMaeyer
Coordinator of WRC, WRC Victim Advocate
404-385-4501, melanie.demayer@vpss.gatech.edu

Select Resources for Women on Campus
Women’s Resource Center          www.womenscenter.gatech.edu
Women’s Clinic                                    www.health.gatech.edu
Women in Computing                     www.cc.gatech.edu/people/women
Women in Engineering                   www.coe.gatech.edu/diversity/wieabout.php
Women, Science and Tech            www.wst.gatech.edu

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