Introducing Will White, SGA Rep 2013-14

Hello fellow Sam Nunn students! My name is Will White, and I will be your SGA UHR representative for the upcoming year. I am a second year International Affairs student from Columbus, Georgia. My main goal during my tenure as INTA representative will be to help you have your voices heard on issues that matter… Continue reading Introducing Will White, SGA Rep 2013-14

SGA’s HOPE Study

Hi fellow INTA students! SGA did a study about the HOPE scholarship, and the results will be used by President Mordel in the upcoming meeting between all the Student Body Presidents and Presidents of USG. Please see the graphic to the left for the results. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free… Continue reading SGA’s HOPE Study

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INTA’s SGA Representative

Greetings International Affairs students! Let me introduce myself, I am Julianne Camacho and will be serving as the International Affairs Representative in the Undergraduate House of Representatives for the 2012-2013 school year! My main mission this year is to increase the communication between the Student Government Association and the Sam Nunn School. As the representative… Continue reading INTA’s SGA Representative