Duke TIP Internship Opportunity

tipThe Pre-Teaching program at Georgia Tech and Duke TIP have teamed up to offer students an invaluable opportunity to explore K-12 teaching as a career choice, gain valuable experience, and build leadership skills while earning money.

 Dates: Tuesday, June 3 – Sunday, June 29, 2014 and Thursday, July 3 – Sunday, July 27, 2014

 Application and deadline: Hiring starts November 13, 2013 and closes when all positions are filled, which is usually in the spring, but you should apply early. For an application and more details, go to www.tip.duke.edu/employment.

What is Pre-Teaching?

The Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching program assists students who are interested in teaching as a career option. Whether looking for a volunteer opportunity to tutor or searching for a job, Pre-Teaching can help. Undergraduate, graduates, and alumni are all welcome.   http://www.preteaching.gatech.edu

 What is Duke TIP?

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a global leader in identifying academically gifted students and providing them with opportunities to support their development. TIP offers numerous academic residential summer programs for students in grades 5 – 12.  http://tip.duke.edu/students

 Where and when is Duke TIP?

TIP programs are located at various universities across the country including on Tech’s campus starting in June 2014.   See the complete list of course locations and dates at http://tip.duke.edu/positions

What opportunities are available?

Duke TIP is seeking teaching assistants and instructors for courses offered to highly gifted middle and high school students in the Summer Studies programs.   Teaching Assistants (TAs) support the instructors in a particular subject area.  The TA job description is at http://www.tip.duke.edu/node/485.  An instructor is responsible for designing a course or using a Duke TIP syllabus to teach a course to approximately 15-20 academically gifted students.  The instructor job description is at http://tip.duke.edu/node/484.

How many opportunities are available?

Duke TIP is hiring over 300 teaching assistants and 300 instructors for summer 2014.


Teaching assistants must have completed at least two years of undergraduate coursework in the specific content area of the program.  The instructors must have at least a year of graduate coursework, professional experience, and/or teaching experience with an emphasis on the specific content area of the program.

 Is internship credit valuable for Tech students?

Yes. The Duke TIP Summer Studies positions qualify for nine hours of internship credit through the Georgia Tech Internship Program. Interns do not pay fees or tuition for the credit hours associated with their internship. The internship appears on your academic transcript and makes your applications for future jobs stronger.

Why apply?

Allow yourself a chance to create one of the most rewarding work experiences you will ever have.  Become a part of the Duke TIP team and become more self-aware about your career path, develop lifelong friendships with peers and students, and grow as a leader by working collaboratively in teams. You will also engage in daily hands-on teaching experiences, obtain or build upon supervisory experience, learn to plan, and execute events.

Is training required?

Yes. An Academic Coordinator and the Duke TIP Administrative Team provide pedagogical and classroom management training to prepare you to work with gifted adolescents.

Internship Team

TAs and instructors work together in the planning and implementation of course content.

 Daily Schedule

Teaching assistants and instructors work long but very rewarding hours Monday – Saturday.

How many terms do I work?

Duke TIP will hire TAs and instructors for one term but prefers to hire candidates for both summer terms. If a course is not offered both terms, you might be matched with a different course or program in the second term.


TAs and Instructors receive a competitive stipend plus housing and meals.  See the salary schedule for Summer Studies program at www. tip.duke.edu/node/20.

For whom do I work? 

Tech students working as TAs or instructors in a Duke TIP program are responsible for abiding by all guidelines and policies set forth by the Duke TIP program as well as the Georgia Tech Internship Program.  Participants are not employees of Tech but of the Duke TIP program.  Duke TIP, and not Tech, therefore has control over the hiring process.

 Contact information

For instructor positions: Sally Starrfield – sstarrfield@tip.duke.edu / 919.681.6980

For teaching assistants positions, Susan Anderson – sanderson@tip.duke.edu / 919.681.697

Susan Belmonte, Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching Advisor – sbelmonte@gatech.edu  / 404.385.3494