Deloitte Consulting Undergraduate Case Competiton

image015Are you interested in learning more about Management Consulting careers? Do you enjoy working in an interactive team to approach multidisciplinary business challenges? If so, gain real-life exposure, hands-on experience, as well as potential prizes by putting together a team to participate in the Deloitte Consulting Undergraduate Case Competition!

Team Applications are due by Wednesday, January 15.

If your team is selected to compete, you will be invited to the following events:

  • Wednesday, January 22 – Case Competition Kickoff
  • Thursday, January 23 – Case Q&A Working Session
  • Friday, January 24 – Georgia Tech Case Competition and Award Ceremony

If successful in your school’s competition, the Deloitte National Undergrad Case Competition will take place at Deloitte University (Westlake, TX) on Thursday, February 27th through Saturday, March 1st, 2014, with all expenses covered by the firm.

To participate, complete the following by Wednesday,January 15:

  1. Submit an application online for your team of 4 at:
  2. Submit a one-slide Powerpoint Team Application to Jane Hua,

Work with your team to create one slide that shows why your team should be selected to participate in the case competition, and include your Team Name, Team Members and Bio. Just as we would with a client, use the slide to illustrate your team’s strengths, abilities or skills. Possible topics include: the unique characteristics or prior experience your team can bring to the competition, what your team hopes to gain in the case competition, or why your team will be successful. Please be creative!

For any questions related to the case competition, please reach out to Kim Gibbs ( or Kelly Brastrom (

Teams should consist of 4 current undergraduate underclassmen (seniors/graduates are not eligible) with a minimum GPA of 3.2