INNOVATE 2010: Vietnam & Taiwan

2010_INNOVATE_banner – Do YOU have an international interest?
– Want to see the sights and sounds of Asia?
– Desire to visit key companies in the growing marketplace of Asia?

If so, this is the program for you!


INNOVATE 2010: Vietnam & Taiwan
Do you have an interest in visiting Asia in March of 2010?  If so, look into INNOVATE, a short-term international experience that brings together engineering, science, and technical students from the US, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan to explore the issues surrounding innovation, globalization, and technology in Vietnam and Taiwan! INNOVATE will prepare you to become tomorrow’s technical leaders through ten days of hands-on international experience that will include company site visits, meetings with key business, government, academic and policy leaders, and related cultural tours.

Vietnam and Taiwan provide rich case studies on how technology can serve as an economic catalyst. Vietnam has an ambitious goal of becoming a developed economy by 2020, and Ho Chi Minh City is an ideal venue to observe the challenges and opportunities of facing this nation. Taiwan’s pursuit of an open, efficient and internationally competitive economy has contributed greatly to the island’s remarkable economic growth in highly advanced and diversified industries but it faces unique challenges in developing new areas of expertise that will support further development and keep it at the cutting-edge. Join us today for this innovative program that highlights the unique role Asia plays in the global economy & technological innovation!

• Program is intended for engineering majors, but all GT students are eligible to apply
• Open to juniors, seniors, or graduate students

Dates:  March 10 – 21, 2010

$2,550 (Includes international flight, most meals, accommodations, tours).  We highly recommend fundraising for the program.  There may also be additional funding resources available in the future as well.