Atlanta Electric Vehicle Mass Adoption Case Competition Now Open to College Students Statewide

The Atlanta Metro Region must stimulate the demand for 50,000 electric vehicles in order to secure vehicle manufacturers and comprehensive infrastructure businesses’ partnerships. With a clear understanding of the issues associated with electric vehicles and their mass market adoption, teams will present innovative plans that speak to the following: What is the best strategy for Atlanta to achieve its goal of being the first American city to have 50,000 electric cars on the road? The top five plans will be presented on September 13, 2011 to an elite panel composed of political and industry leaders. The winning team will be the one that convinces this panel that their plan has the best chance to create the demand for 50,000 electric vehicles in the Metro Atlanta region.

There are several reasons to get your team together. First, this competition gives you the chance to give Atlanta a leg up in its important race to 50,000 electric cars. Second, the top five teams will have the chance to present and defend their ideas in front of a high-powered panel of judges drawn from industry and policy circles. Finally, the top-rated team will walk away with a (winner-take-all) $5,000 prize.

This open-access competition will tap the collective creativity of students in and around Metro Atlanta who are passionate about shifting the U.S. away from its dependence on foreign oil using market-based solutions. It is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in the state of Georgia. Registration opens on April 14 and is on a first come, first serve basis as there is a limit of 30 teams.

Go to the competition website ( more details and to register your team!