What is a Cluster?

A non-major cluster is a grouping of classes that are related or thematic, like Pre-law, Management, HTS, or Pre-health sciences.  The purpose of the cluster is to give students a secondary area of specialization and provide additional depth to the undergraduate program.  Students are encouraged to use cluster classes towards minors or certificates in other… Continue reading What is a Cluster?

How about a Minor in International Affairs?

First, only non-INTA/IAML/EIA majors are eligible for an INTA Minor.  INTA/IAML/EIA majors that wish to pursue a particular concentration should consider a Certificate. Second, yes, the INTA minor requires 18 hours of academic credit. Third, if you declare the minor, you become eligible for priority registration.  Declared minors get priority registration at the start of… Continue reading How about a Minor in International Affairs?

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INTA offers certificates in Asian Affairs, European Affairs, European Union Studies, Latin American Affairs and International Affairs.  INTA/IAML/EIA majors are ineligible for the International Affairs certificate.  A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of a predetermined, 12-hour cluster of courses approved by the INTA Advisor or a specific INTA faculty member.  Students may apply for… Continue reading Certificates

Credit for Internships

Nunn School students can earn either academic or audit credit for internships.  Full or part-time, paid or unpaid, credit is available! Audit credit (through the Co-Op office) is available for both paid or unpaid internships. Students are eligible for up to twelve hours of tuition-free audit credit, that allows for full-time enrollment and is recorded… Continue reading Credit for Internships

How to Change Your Major

Changing to INTA/IAML: Download the form from the Registrar’s website. If you are changing into INTA/IAML/EIA, please obtain the appropriate signatures from your current major advisor(s). Make an appointment to see the INTA Advisor to review the curriculum and program regulations. If additional signatures are needed, the INTA Advisor will notify you which advisor to… Continue reading How to Change Your Major

So you want to graduate? You have to complete a Degree Petition!

During the semester prior to the graduation semester, INTA and IAML students must meet with their advisor(s) to complete the degree petition, which notifies the registrar that the student is preparing to graduate. EIA students will meet with the School of Economics. Find out the process on the INTA website.