Researchers and Compliance Volunteer Analysts, Munk School of Global Affairs – Toronto

The G7 Research Group and the G20 Research Group based at the Munk School of Global Affairs always welcome volunteer Researchers and Compliance Analysts. The Research Groups conduct various research projects, including analyzing compliance with commitments made at G7 and G20 summits on issues related to climate change, gender equality, trade, global macroeconomic issues, financial regulatory reform, corruption, energy and many other issues. Other research projects might involve analyzing media coverage or civil society engagement in the G7 and G20 process. The two groups serve as the world’s leading independent sources of research and analysis on the G7 and the G20.

The Summit Studies sections of the G7 and G20 Research Groups are responsible for producing the annual and final compliance reports for each summit. These reports are published on the G7 Information Centre website and the G20 Information Centre website and distributed to the participating governments, international organizations, civil society and other stakeholders as well as to the media. The Summit Studies sections oversee the recruitment process for those volunteers, as well as for other projects they have developed.

Other research opportunities may be available through the G7 Research Group and the G20 Research Group. These might focus on specific issues and involve retroactive compliance or econometric analysis as well as other tasks.

Compliance Analyst:
Compliance analysts are responsible for writing, editing and updating analytical reports on G7 or G20 members’ compliance with the commitments they make at annual summits. Compliance analysts are responsible for conducting research on and writing individual country compliance reports within their assigned commitment. Compliance analysts are assigned a lead analyst, who provides some background information on the commitment, as well as directions for assigning compliance scores to the members they are assessing.
Compliance analysts are expected to:

  • Conduct thorough research on their commitments and members;
  • Maintain regular communication with their lead analyst (including attending meetings scheduled by lead analysts);
  • Email their lead analysts with any and all questions related to reports or other related issues;
  • Submit their reports by assigned deadlines;
  • Follow up on any requests made by their lead analysts before and after their assigned deadlines; and
  • Inform their lead analysts of any schedule changes or issues that might prevent them from meeting their commitments for the duration of the compliance cycle.

Compliance analysts may also have opportunities over the course of the compliance cycle to take on additional responsibility for material in the compliance report, and to apply for a position on the G7 or G20 Research Group Field Team or Home Team.

The Summit Studies section recruits volunteers at the start of each academic year, but there can be opportunities to participate throughout the year. Participants do not need to be students at the University of Toronto, nor do they have to be geographically based in Toronto. To inquire about getting involved, please contact the G7 Research Group at or the G20 Research Group at

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