Washington International Diplomatic Academy Opportunites

The Washington Diplomatic Academy (WIDA) is dedicated to providing practical professional training to individuals who are interested in diplomacy and international affairs. Their goal is to provide for students what can not be learned in a typical classroom setting.  They offer a variety of programs for current undergraduates, post-graduates, and professionals alike in both virtual and in-person settings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all programs, this year are taking place virtually or in a hybrid format. The following programs are the most relevant, and students can apply for partial scholarships for both opportunities.

The deadline to apply for the following opportunities is March 31, 2021.

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Program-specific information is available below.

Summer Diplomatic Academy | July 6-30, 2021 (virtual)

This unique experience provides participants with experience and knowledge equivalent to that of working in diplomacy.  The course instructors are ambassadors and other professionals from over a dozen countries who can provide students with insight into their years of experience in this field.  This training program, open to undergraduate and graduate students alike, will cover the basics of diplomatic practice with a focus on work in embassies, consulates, government ministries, international organizations, and NGOs. The program works to build skills and takes an experiential learning approach. Students will also be able to participate in career counseling sessions with their mentors. At the end of the program, all participants will receive a certificate from the academy.

Students can receive up to $1,000 in partial scholarships for this program.

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One-Year Certificate in International Diplomacy | September 20, 2021- May 20, 2022 (hybrid)

This year-long post-graduate program provides practical professional training for those looking to enter the diplomacy workforce. This two-semester course consists of four courses in a highly interactive and immersive learning experience.  The instructors are ambassadors will decades of experience in the diplomacy field, and will share all the skills they have learned over time to help build a stronger, more knowledgeable generation of diplomats.  This program will provide insight into policy-making and implementation, diplomatic protocol, the functions and management of embassies and consulates, diplomatic reporting and writing, negotiation and mediation, political and economic tradecraft, public diplomacy, cross-cultural communication, cyber diplomacy, and other competencies.

Students can receive up to $4,000 in partial scholarships for this program.

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