ABI Fellowship Program

ABI Fellowship Program

The Atlanta BeltLine Fellowship program is designed to provide job experience to undergraduate and graduate students. The fellows may be assigned to work on a specific program or directly within an operational area. Assignments will vary by year and include work in the following areas: Affordable Housing, Art, Communications, Community Engagement, Construction, Corridor Design, Economic Development, Engineering, GIS, Legal, Real Estate, and Transportation.

Length of Fellowship:
The fellowship is for the school year from September to April and a Summer Session from May to July. The length of the term may vary at the discretion of ABI, Inc. Students should elect a term that they can complete.

The Fellowship program has both paid and unpaid positions. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter with terms of the fellowship. Compensation will be determined based on budget and the number of fellowships offered. Unpaid positions will not be compensated and may have a shorter time period.

Requirements for Fellows:
• College junior or senior or graduate student enrolled in school during the time of the fellowship.
• Strong Academic Record
• Resume and Cover Letter submitted to jobs@beltline.org
• Proper visa and identification in accordance with state and federal laws
• Successful Completion of a Drug Screening Exam
• Successful Completion of a Background Check
• Fellows will work a minimum of 20 hours a week

Application Deadlines:
Positions posted to jobs@beltline.org will have deadlines for submission. Fellowship positions will be posted as follows:
Annual Fellow – September to April
Summer Fellow – May to July
**Cover Letter and Resume must be submitted by 5:00 pm – Close of Business on APRIL 22, 2011

Application Status Inquiries:
Applicants selected for an interview will be notified. Due to the high volume of applications, ABI will not provide updates to candidates on the status of applications.