Global Health Corps Fellowship – Applications Open

The Global Health Corps (GHC) aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity and improve the quality of healthcare services for the poor by connecting outstanding young leaders with organizations working on the front lines in the fight for global health equity.

GHC will recruit and match partner organizations that have specific needs with recent University graduates with requisite skills. Partner organizations will identify an area of their operations that stands to benefit from a fellowship team. Assignments for GHC fellows will have specific parameters, with a timeline and defined metrics for success. Fellows will be chosen for specific assignments following an extensive application and interview process. They will be selected based on their experience, character, and knowledge, and based on their possession of the specific skills necessary to accomplish the designated assignment. Each fellowship team will be composed of at least one pair of fellows, one from the United States and one from the country where the partner organization works.

Students graduating from college in 2010 or those who have finished their undergraduate studies and are curently under age 30 are eligible to apply for Fellowships. No specific background or technical experience is necessary, as each individual Fellowship assignment will require different specific skills. Look at the Fellowship Opportunities available to learn about the specific assignments and the skills that our placement organizations are looking for.

In addition to the necessary skills, we value five qualities that may be demonstrated through past experience: Leadership, Humility, Creative and Entrepreneurial Spirit, Work Ethic, and Sense of Adventure.

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